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Dr. Silvia Micocci

Italian Psychologist in the Netherlands

Brand Identity  |  Logo Design | Web Design


DR. SILVIA MICOCCI is an Italian psychologist in the Netherlands,

Teacher of Art Therapy with an Integrated Psychophysiological address.

She works with patients in her studio in Rotterdam, Breda, and online.

One of the particularities of Silvia's job is teaching Art Therapy, the Logo was first inspired by the beautiful shapes of her weaving work. The round shapes express calm and mindfulness, representing the connection with the self.

The pattern in the center makes the logo dynamic and vibrant,

giving a warm and positive feeling of optimism.

Color Palette


The Website


The website is responsive, it adapts the layout for each device.

It is available in English and Italian.

The design has a white and clean look, the brand colors are used mostly for headlines and details. It empowers the brand identity with soft gradients and real photos from the art therapy sessions, the use of pictures of the therapist and the artwork gives a sense of trust to the user, in some cases, abstract art is used to support intangible concepts.

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